Animal Chiropractic Saved Bucky

The best evidence that animal chiropractic works is through the experience of the pet owner. Below is a testimony from Shawn Gray and his dachshund named Bucky.

Around Christmas time in 2012, I noticed that Bucky (my 6-year-old dachshund) was not moving the way he normally had. At first, I thought it was a minor injury and it would get better. Not long after, I noticed that Bucky was not using his hind legs. I suspect what caused Bucky’s immobility was a slip on the tile floor after I let my other dog in from outside. 

I took Bucky to the vet for care. He was diagnosed with a Degenerating Disc. Bucky was given three steroid injections and pills to help manage the pain. My option was surgery. But I just couldn’t do it at that expense. And I didn’t want the inevitable!

Bucky is my buddy. I owed it to him to do everything I could to help him. 

I was referred to Margo Nolte, the chiropractor at Badger Veterinary Hospital. At our first visit, Bucky wouldn’t even stand. He would only sit. Dr. Margo did an adjustment with massage and traction. Every session brought progress, which gave me hope. 

I was amazed that In just four sessions, Bucky was walking and acting more like normal! I would and already do recommend Dr. Nolte to friends and anyone who needs help for their pets!

To schedule a chiropractic appointment, you must have a referral from your veterinarian. If you currently don't have a veterinarian, any of the doctors at Badger Veterinary Hospital would be happy to examine your pet prior to your chiropractic appointment. Contact us today!