Don ABSOLUTELY Recommends Chiropractic Care!

In August of 2010, I was out with Dolly, my 9-year-old Doberman Pinscher. She was playing with my other dogs and fell. She could not get up. Her hind legs were wobbly and she couldn’t walk. I was devastated. My dogs are my kids!

I immediately took her in to see Dr. Servantez at Badger Veterinary Hospital. The first priority was to alleviate the pain and we did so with an injectable pain medication. He took spinal x-rays and gave her a prescription for pain medication. She was still having a lot of problems, so Dr. Servantez recommended that I try chiropractic care for Dolly. 

I set up the appointment with Dr. Margo Nolte. Dolly had three adjustments done in September and three done in October. I noticed a big improvement after the first adjustment! After treatment with Dr. Nolte, Dolly was walking and even running without any problem.

Dolly actually seems to enjoy coming in for chiropractic care. It’s as if she knows that she will feel better when she’s done. As her owner, what I see is a much happier dog. She has regained the desire to play and has much more confidence.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Dr. Margo Nolte for pets with musculoskeletal problems!

- Don Vogt

To schedule a chiropractic appointment, you must have a referral from your veterinarian. If you currently don't have a veterinarian, any of the doctors at Badger Veterinary Hospital would be happy to examine your pet prior to your chiropractic appointment.