Chiropractic For Cats: Ralph's Movement Restored

Our two-year-old cat, Ralph, started having problems with his back and hind leg. He would limp, lay down after walking a short distance, and show pain if we touched him on his lower back or hind leg. He wouldn't run and play with the other cats as he did before.  

The veterinarian took x-rays and did blood tests to check him for Lyme Disease and other things. Anti-inflammatory medications helped a little bit, but Ralph was still having problems, so our veterinarian recommended chiropractic care.

Dr. Margo Nolte performed chiropractic treatments on Ralph. It has helped Ralph function better and he appears to be in much less pain. Ralph never cried out or displayed any aggressive behavior as he was being treated. When he gets home after having a treatment, he seems to be more active and wants attention.

The chiropractic sessions have relieved Ralph's pain and discomfort in his back and rear leg. When Ralph was at his lowest point, I saw him lay down in the litter box to go to the bathroom because he was too weak to stand. I have not seen him do this since he started chiropractic care. That is a success story!

 Dr. Nolte works well with animals. I would recommend her expertise to help other animals.

- Yvonne Adams

To schedule a chiropractic appointment, you must have a referral from your veterinarian. If you currently don't have a veterinarian, any of the doctors at Badger Veterinary Hospital would be happy to examine your pet prior to your chiropractic appointment.