Chiropractic Helped Maxi's Back and TMJ

My dog, Maxi, has had chiropractic for two separate issues: first for a disc in her back, and second for her TMJ, or jaw.

Before Maxi’s back injury, she was always a frisky, playful dog interacting constantly with our other Dachshund, Roxi. Then I noticed her behavior changed. She became lethargic and was unable to jump up onto the couch, where she usually sleeps. Instead, she would rest on a flat bed on the floor. Maxi was given pain medication and was restricted from jumping up on the couch or climbing stairs. This resulted in short-term relief. 

Dr. Kreier recommended I make an appointment with Dr. Margo Nolte, the chiropractor at Badger Veterinary Hospital. If the chiropractic didn’t help, Maxi would probably have to go through disc surgery in the future.

I thought, “Oh, here we go. This is going to be a waste of money.” I was so very wrong! 

Maxi was very anxious during her appointment, but Dr. Nolte was very patient and gentle. When Dr. Nolte and the technician applied traction to Maxi’s spine, I could see Maxi visibly relax her body and see that she was feeling relief. She is now back to her normal self, romping around and harassing Roxi on a daily basis. Surgery has never been mentioned by Dr. Kreier again. Chiropractic care has saved me from the expense of a pricey surgery and given Maxi a fun, active life again. 

On a separate occasion, I noticed that Maxi was no longer resting her head on the floor when she would lay down like she usually did. IInstead, she would rest it up on the bolster of her dog bed. I thought maybe her neck was hurting, so I took her to Dr. Nolte again. She examined Maxi and determined that it was Maxi’s jaw (TMJ) that was giving her pain. Again, after chiropractic treatment, I left the office with a relieved and happy Maxi.

Now I realize that chiropractic should be an easy choice for an animal with musculoskeletal issues. I am very grateful Dr. Kreier recommended Dr. Nolte and grateful to Dr. Nolte for helping Maxi.

- Cheryl Messina

To schedule a chiropractic appointment, you must have a referral from your veterinarian. If you currently don't have a veterinarian, any of the doctors at Badger Veterinary Hospital would be happy to examine your pet prior to your chiropractic appointment.