Exercise and Aging Pets

As pets age, they tend to slow down. Aching joints caused by arthritis can be a common cause.

Does your pet resist walking as far as he used to? Does he lay down when you are only half way done? Try not to force your pet to go farther than they appear willing to go. When they are no longer eager to walk, it might be because they are experiencing pain.

Exercise is still very important and there are ways to safely exercise your pet when he displays this type of behavior. The key is to walk him more often but for a shorter duration. Let your pet set the pace and be sure to heed the signs that he is getting tired. Some of those signs include slowing down, limping, or just walking with less pep in his step.

Exercising too much can create more inflammation in sore, aching joints. But small, frequent amounts of exercise can actually decrease inflammation and pain. If your pet is slow-moving in the morning, that is a good time for a brief walk - brief being the key word. Don't rush him; let him go at his own pace.

If your pet is resisting the exercise that they used to love, it is probably due to pain. A chiropractic exam can identify the cause of this pain, and chiropractic treatment can reduce pain, restore normal movement, energy levels, and enthusiasm.

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