The Proof Is In the Prescription Diet


Meet Gia, a 3-year-old German Shepherd owned by Badger Veterinary Hospital’s Operations Supervisor and Large Animal Technician Anne Schumacher. By just 4 months of age, Gia was exhibiting a poor appetite, a depressive mood, and a dull coat. Anne knew something was wrong and brought her in for evaluation. Lab tests revealed that Gia’s kidney values were abnormal. 

With abnormal kidney values, Dr. Kreier and Anne ran multiple diagnostic tests to determine the cause. They were concerned about issues such as renal disease, Leptospirosis, urinary tract infections, tumors, or anatomical abnormalities.

All diagnostic tests were normal. 

Over the course of the next year, Gia was tested every two to three months to monitor any changes in the kidney values. With no understood cause, her kidney values continued to decline. It was then that Dr. Kreier recommended that Anne consider a prescription diet to help Gia’s kidneys function at a healthier level. He prescribed Royal Canin Renal MP.

Royal Canin Renal MP is designed to manage the early stages of chronic kidney disease. Anne began feeding both the Royal Canin Renal MP dry and canned food, and Gia loved them! 

In less than two months on this diet, Gia’s kidney values were improving. In a year, her values were in the normal range. Over the course of the year, Anne noted that Gia’s appetite was back to that of a normal young dog, her coat was full and shiny, and her personality was active and playful.

She’s made a complete recovery! Dr. Kreier is pleased to see the normal lab results and Anne and her family are thrilled to have the healthy, happy, and playful Gia they knew she was!