Keeping Your Horse Healthy With Partnerships That Work

I've spent my entire life caring for and loving horses. To this day, watching clients enjoy their horses is the most rewarding part of being an equine veterinarian. The relationship between horse and owner is powerful, and the strength of this relationship is what lead Badger Veterinary Hospital to its primary core practice: Preventative Health.  

As a result, our practice has been on the cutting edge of offering the latest advancements in animal health care. We have partnered with Zoetis Animal Health to formulate our strategic deworming program. We are one of the country's first practice's in the U.S. to offer this deworming strategy, which is now recognized as the gold standard to control equine parasites. 

Quality nutrition is an excellent offensive health strategy. We have researched feed suppliers and have partnered with one the world's leading equine nutrition companies, Nutrena. In this partnership, we offer nutritional consultations and provide forage and feed analysis services to our clients. We are one of the first practices to offer our clients complete clinical nutrition evaluations and advice in a partnership with Nutrena. 

We are proud to introduce our newest partnership with SmartPak, a company focused on healthy horses and happy riders. This alliance and the SmartPak ColiCare program provides $7,500.00 benefit toward colic surgery. In the rare event of a surgical colic case while enrolled in this program, our horse owners are able to aggressively pursue treatment with minimal risk while increasing the horse's survival. Increased survival, reduced costs, and peace of mind make this partnership a win for everyone involved! 

Read more about the benefits of an annual wellness as the primary practice in equine health from our friends at SmartPak.

4 Ways to Help Keep Your Horse Healthy