Benefits of Boarding Your Dog or Cat at a Veterinary Clinic

Summer is (almost) here! On top of all the summertime fun your family has around home, it’s also a popular time for family vacations.

But where will your four-legged family member go if he or she won’t be joining you on your trip?

Boarding is the most popular solution for people needing to leave their pets since friends and neighbors may not have the experience or time to properly look after your pet. There are more boarding options available than ever before, and a great way to find a good boarding facility is to ask your veterinarian. In fact, your veterinary clinic may offer boarding at their facility.

Why choose a veterinary clinic to board your beloved dog or cat? Here are three of the benefits to veterinary clinic boarding facilities.

1. Experienced Care

The staff at a veterinary clinic are used to working with all kinds of animals in all kinds of conditions. They will be familiar with the needs and temperaments of different breeds of dogs and cats.

2. Clean Facilities

When cleanliness and hygiene are of utmost importance, a veterinary clinic is a smart choice. These facilities already tend to be well-kept and hygienic, because veterinarians understand the importance of cleanliness in the health and welfare of animals.

3. Immediate Medical Attention

If you are concerned about medical issues with your pets while you’re away, this point is a biggie. At a veterinary clinic, the staff has the experience and capability to monitor the health of animals under their care. If there is a problem, they can provide the best courses of treatment when they contact you. Also, doctors are either immediately available or on call to handle emergencies that arise. All of this is especially good for elderly pets or animals with special health needs.

When you’re family is on vacation or you’re just away on a work trip, you don’t want to worry about your cat or dog while you’re gone. Boarding your pet with a trusted veterinary clinic can give you the peace of mind that allows you to enjoy your travels.

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