FDA-Approved Pain Relief for Cats

 Pain relief for cats with onsior

Felines can be finicky! They have mastered the ability to hide pain, making our ability to assess their discomfort level difficult.

Although cats camouflage discomfort superbly, they experience pain. The best way to improve healing is through pain management. You and your veterinarian must closely observe your cat identifying the source of pain and the effects it has on your cat's behavior.

Badger Veterinary Hospital recommends the recently FDA-approved NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug), Onsior, to provide pain relief for cats. Onsior works by blocking specific enzymes from producing prostaglandins which cause pain and inflammation.

Onsior is the first oral medication approved to alleviate pain and inflammation safely and effectively in our feline friends. Badger Veterinary Hospital recommends Onsior for cats recovering from surgery and musculoskeletal injuries. The only other FDA-approved pain relief for cats is meloxicam. All other pain medications for cats are off label.

For more information, visit www.Onsior.com.

Photo: Pixabay