Enjoy Heartworm-Free Travel With Your Dog

 Dog in water protected from heartworm while traveling

From our friends at Zoetis

More people than ever are enjoying the fun and companionship of traveling with their dogs. Whether heading home for the holidays or enjoying a long-anticipated summer vacation, dogs can make great "co-pilots." New locals can bring new adventures -- and also new risks to your dog's health, including heartworm disease.

New Locations, New Health Concerns

The weather conditions in different parts of the country can mean that certain insects -- and the potential illnesses they bring -- are even more common. Most may know that heartworm disease is a serious problem in the southern U.S. But did you know that according to the American Heartworm Society, clinics in Michigan, Nebraska, and even northern California reported more than 100 cases in 2013? We hope you won't leave your dog unprotected when you travel.

Just One Bite

It only takes one mosquito bite to infect your dog with deadly heartworm disease. While treatment is available, it is a long, difficult, and costly process. Why take the risk when the disease is preventable? We recommend year-round protection with a preventative such as ProHeart® 6, the only injectable heartworm preventative that you give just twice a year.

One Simple Step

Before you hit the road, talk with us about ProHeart® 6. While you are in the clinic, we can also give your dog a checkup to make sure he or she is ready for all the exciting adventures ahead!

Call us today and together we can chart a course for happy, healthy travels. Don't let heartworm disease -- or any preventable illness -- ruin your special time with your best friend.