"Lucky Boy": Help Belize Zoo Rescue Jaguar

 "Lucky Boy", a black jaguar rescued by The Belize Zoo

Dr. Steven Servantez is the Vice President for the Belize Zoo and Neotropical Conservancy, an organization that provides critical support to the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center. Dr. Servantez first visited The Belize Zoo in 2012 and, upon his return to Wisconsin, launched a campaign to help "Lucky Boy" (story below).

You can continue to help animals in need in Belize with a donation to the Belize Zoo Neotropical.

I am a Janesville veterinarian with Badger Veterinary Hospital who is helping The Belize Zoo. I recently returned from Belize and during my stay, I learned about this fantastic facility run by a passionate director named Sharon Matola. This zoo is NOT funded by the government but is funded completely by donations. The zoo houses jaguars, macaws, tapirs, and many other species of Belize. The zoo is always in need of funds, but my request is specifically for this recent rescue.

I am currently looking for money to feed and provide veterinary care and housing for this unfortunate individual. I am currently collecting material goods for permanent housing, but I need money to complete the process. The money will also be used for the veterinary care "Lucky Boy" desperately needs.

The jaguar has been taken into the zoo and the rehabilitation has begun, but the process will be ongoing. This individual jaguar will NEVER be able to be released into the wild; permanent housing will need to be constructed.

Why rescue the jaguar? "Lucky Boy" has never known a life other than captivity and deserves so much more than what life he has been handed. The Belize Zoo is offering a permanent home, a home providing the best care he has ever seen. Any donations would be appreciated and so beneficial in our efforts!

$1 (pocket change) = Half a day's worth of food

$2 (cost of a cup of coffee) =  Food for a day for "Lucky Boy"

$5 (lunch for a day) = 2 1/2 days of food

$25 (half a tank of gas) = Almost a month of food

It all adds up! Please visit "Lucky Boy" to make a donation today!

7/28/12 Update: Although "Lucky Boy" is doing better and gaining weight, he has been diagnosed and treated for a severe hookworm infection.

8/2/12 Update: He is gaining weight, but is far from recovery! Plans are being made for his permanent home, but we CANNOT begin until money is raised for materials. This campaign is critical!