My Pet's Weight Determines His Age?! The Impact of Pet Obesity

We hear about obesity in humans frequently. unfortunately, we hear it so much that we let that thought travel in one ear and out the other. But when we hear that our pet is obese, we stop dead in our tracks!

The startling reality is that we can see the impact of obesity on pets much more rapidly in the brief 8-20 years that our pets are with us.

By the time our healthy 50-pound dog is 8 years old (51 in human years), he is considered a senior in a dog's world! Add 10 pounds (or 20% of his weight) and our canine companion just lost a year! This is the big picture of reality.

 Relative Age of Pets in Human Years from Purina Veterinary Diets

More specifically, our overweight pets are much more likely to develop arthritis, diabetes, endocrine disorders, some cancers, and orthopedic issues, to name a few. The health issues associated with pet obesity are costly to address and maintain!

Putting your pet on a diet is much easier and much more cost-effective than you may think. Here at Badger Veterinary Hospital, we have a variety of nutritional programs that will help our animal friends lose that deadly weight!

As always, the best approach to optimal health is prevention. Maintaining your pet's annual wellness visits provides emotional ease and financial freedom!

This video from the Amercian Veterinary Medical Association provides more information on nutrition to get you started.

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