What Do You Feed Your Animal?

 Badger Veterinary Hospital partners with Royal Canin to offer the best information in animal nutrition.

Do you even think about it? Why do you feed what you feed to your dog, your cat, or your horse? Is it the cost of the product? Is it purchasing convenience? Is it for the health of your animal?

I’m willing to bet that most animal owners select their animal’s food based on cost or convenience. Is this in your animal’s best interest? In this hectic, often times cash-strapped world, most give this little thought. However, animal owners must realize that food selection is the single most important decision we make affecting our animal’s overall health and longevity.

My entire life has been dedicated to animal care. Growing up on the family farm in Jackson County, Wisconsin, I cared for Angus cattle, Morgan horses, and market hogs. For many years, I cared for the beautiful German Shepherds of Steffen-Haus Kennel with dogs being maintained in both Wisconsin and near Koblenz in Germany. German Shepherds, Morgan horses, and yes, even cats, remain a big part of my life. This is in addition to the variety of animals I see day to day in veterinary practice: dogs, cats, cattle, horses, goats, reindeer, and even camels!

In the college classroom, I spent countless hours in classes such as physiology, basic animal nutrition, advanced animal nutrition, and feeds and feeding. My training in veterinary school focused on every aspect of caring for healthy and ill animals. My background, my training, my experience all contribute to the fact that I’m an animal expert!

Consider the Badger Veterinary Hospital team. All have similar experience and knowledge as I have. We’re all animal experts -– we’re committed to providing best in class care for your animals.

Fueling your animal’s body with proper nutrition ultimately extends your animal’s life expectancy and provides for their healthy bodies, helping them lead happier and healthier lives. Utilizing inappropriate feeds and feeding regimes compromises our animals' long-term quality of life, leading to health issues now and down the road. The earlier we provide optimum feeds and feeding regimes, the more likely your animal will live a long and healthy life.

Badger Veterinary Hospital's animal experts are devoted to streamlining and simplifying your quest for optimum nutrition for your animal. Everywhere we look, we see trends and we notice myths around feeding animals. There’s no shortage of information available, but who do we believe? Rest assured you believe us, the animal experts.

We partner with great companies such as Royal Canin, Nutrena, and SmartPak. These are companies we trust because they lead the nutrition industry, manufacturing precise, effective nutrition for animals based on size, age, lifestyle, breed, use, and to address specific needs.

Badger’s staff are trusted professionals for ALL things animal related from surgery to feeding your animal. It’s easy to be convinced you’re providing the right nutrition for your animal, but are you? We understand there are many avenues to find animal nutritional information. We’re here to ensure your information is accurate and nothing less than the best nutritional advice.

We believe in being the best in veterinary medicine, which means being the best when it comes to providing you nutrition knowledge and providing your animals with the best of the best nutrition that there is in the world!