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joined Badger Veterinary Hospital in May of 2013 after graduating from MATC. After her internship with Badger Veterinary Hospital in 2012, she knew that she wanted to be a part of this team. She is a very hard-working certified veterinary technician with a huge love and passion for animals.

Kacey has two cats of her own, Igor and Cruella, and they can be found in her lap as she reads a book. Kacey also loves to explore the Wisconsin state parks and you will find her Great Dane Achilles and Black Lab Tundra right along side her. 

Practice location: Janesville

Interesting things about Kacey...

  • Kacey is a Nutritional Advocate and Orthopedic Surgery Tech.
  • She loves doing anything outside such as, camping, hiking, snowshoeing, even though she hates the cold weather.
  • Kacey has to be careful when she starts a book. She can get caught up and read a book from start to finish very fast.
  • She has visited Arizona 3 times but has never been to the Grand Canyon.
  • She got stung by a jelly fish when she was younger at Myrtle Beach and since then she hasn't really liked the Ocean.  
I love being apart of the Badger Family. The Veterinarians, Technicians, and support staff and so knowledgeable and passionate. I’ve been given many opportunities to explore my areas of interest such and nutrition and orthopedic surgeries, and for that I am thankful.

Contact Kacey: kreilly@badgervet.com