Large Animal Technician & Equine Department Supervisor

Megan joined Badger Veterinary Hospital in May 2013. She spent many years life guarding and teaching swim lessons prior to spending two years in a mixed animal practice as a veterinary assistant. Toward the end of earning her Associates Degree at Madison College, Megan spent eight weeks with Badger Veterinary Hospital for her internship. She loved her experience at Badger. “The staff at Badger is warm hearted. The facility is great and the practice’s outlook on veterinary medicine is cutting edge. I wanted to be a part of this team from the beginning of my internship.”

Megan enjoys building client relationships and caring for all animals, big and small. When she’s not working, she’ll be on her family’s farmette in Evansville with her parents and siblings, two horses, a yellow lab, and several barn cats.