Pet dental care is more than just cleaning teeth.

Dental disease is the most common health problem in our pets, and 85% of all pets 3 years of age and older have some degree of dental disease. Untreated dental disease can lead to pain and loss of teeth. And when the bacteria in the mouth enters the bloodstream, it affects other organs including the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Daily tooth brushing is the most effective way to help prevent plaque and calculus buildup on the teeth. It’s also helpful to feed pets a high-quality dry food.

During your pet’s annual wellness exam, we’ll discuss his dental condition and any concerns that need to be addressed. Our doctors may recommend an in-hospital dental cleaning and exam or dental x-rays, which allow our veterinarians to view the internal anatomy of the teeth including the roots and surrounding bone.

Your pet should have a veterinary dental cleaning if you see excess tartar/calculus buildup, you notice a significant amount of halitosis (bad breath), and/or your veterinarian recommends further pet dental care. An in-hospital dental cleaning involves the following procedures:

  • General anesthesia, which is necessary in all cases for us to do a thorough dental exam and professional cleaning. Your pet will be continuously monitored during and after the procedure for the safest and most comfortable experience.
  • A complete dental exam will be performed.
  • Ultrasonic and hand scaling to remove plaque and tartar above and below the gum line.
  • Polishing to smooth the surface of the teeth after scaling.
  • Flushing to remove dislodged tartar, plaque, and bacteria from the mouth.
  • If it’s determined that an infected tooth requires extraction, or there is a problem with the gums that must be addressed, further oral surgery will be recommended.

A thorough dental chart is used to record the dental health of your pet and any procedures done during the dental cleaning. You will also receive before and after pictures of your pet’s teeth.

With routine dental exams, cleanings, and home dental care, your pet’s overall health improves, enhancing the lasting relationship between you and your pet.