Our team of small animal veterinarians, chiropractors, and certified veterinary technicians are here to provide you high-quality routine care, diagnostics, and treatment with a wide range of expertise and experience for the best outcome possible. Badger Veterinary Hospital is there for you and your pet when you need us the most.

Our small animal veterinary services available in JanesvilleCambridge, and Beloit include:

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Routine Wellness & Preventative Health Care

Prevention is the best medicine! Just as eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and having regular physicals with our own doctors helps to keep us healthy, preventative health care for your pets helps you and your pets live long, healthy, happy lives together.

We recommend annual wellness visits for your pet. In addition to a comprehensive physical exam and annual vaccinations, we discuss heartworm prevention, flea and tick control, dental health, routine lab work, and nutrition to achieve the best health and well-being for your pet.

Pet Dental Care

Dental x-ray is available at our Cambridge & Beloit clinic.

Dentistry is more than just cleaning teeth. A thorough oral exam is essential to identifying problems. Untreated dental disease can lead to pain, loss of teeth, and can be associated with a variety of other health problems. With routine dental exams, cleanings, and home-care, your pet's overall health improves, enhancing the lasting relationship between you and your pet.

Pet Nutrition

Good nutrition enhances your pet’s quality and quantity of life, and it is integral to optimal animal care. At Badger Veterinary Hospital, we believe that precise nutrition has a significant impact on the health and well-being of all pets by playing a fundamental role in the prevention and treatment of disease.

Urgent Care

Unexpected illnesses, injuries, or other emergencies can occur when you least expect them. Badger Veterinary Hospital's on-call urgent care veterinary service is there for you 365 days a year (including holidays). As a Badger Vet client, you can have confidence that when the unexpected happens, a veterinarian is only a phone call away.

Diagnostics & Treatment

There may be occasions when a routine physical exam isn't enough to determine why your pet isn't in good health. Badger Veterinary Hospital's comprehensive diagnostic tools and procedures provide detailed information so our team of doctors can efficiently and accurately diagnose and treat your pet.

Internal Medicine

Issues affecting organs such as such the kidneys, liver, respiratory tract, nervous system, the endocrine system, or the gastrointestinal tract go undetected by the human eye, yet usually require prompt attention. Badger’s state of the art technologies, equipment, and multi-disciplinary practitioners help detect and treat issues involving internal organs as early as possible.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Progressive issues and trauma can cause problems in your pets’ bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and internal organs. After a thorough examination and/or less invasive treatment options have been exhausted, your veterinarian may opt for a surgical remedy for the best outcome for your pet.

Pet Orthopedic Surgery

Like humans, our canine counterparts can tear their anterior cruciate ligament, also known as an ACL. The cruciate injury is one of the most common orthopedic complications seen in dogs, an injury that is painful, problematic, and requires surgical repair. Badger Veterinary Hospital's Dr. Kevin Kreier regularly performs orthopedic repairs using the Arthrex Tightrope CCL technique and TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) surgery.

Small Animal Chiropractic

Available at our Janesville and Cambridge clinics.

Animal chiropractic is simple: It’s a mechanical solution to a mechanical problem. It is a drug-free, natural choice of care for your pet. Along with regular veterinary care, chiropractic care can help restore normal range of motion in the spine and extremities. The result is decreased pain, improved movement, and a higher quality of life for your pet.

House Call Services

Many animals find it difficult or impossible to visit a veterinarian. Badger Veterinary offers comfort and convenience by coming to you! House calls reduce the stress for you and your pet.