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How often should you take your pet bunny rabbit to the vet?

If you have a little hoppy friend, you will want to make sure that they receive the care they need to live a long, healthy, and happy life. Here, our Southern Wisconsin vets share how often you should bring your pet bunny rabbit to the vet for a checkup and what you can expect.

When Should I Take My Rabbit to the Vet?

Most bunny companions live to be between 7 and 10 years old. There may be unfortunate circumstances during their life that lead them to become sick or injured. When that happens, you should know if and when to take your bunny to your vet. Before doing so, it is important to check if your vet can care for exotic animals.

A rabbit's teeth are another reason to go to the vet for routine wellness exams, as they are constantly growing and may need to be trimmed periodically to avoid infection. Bunnies also react differently to medications such as antibiotics, so it takes a specialist to know what drugs are safe to take and when they are appropriate.

Signs Your Rabbit Needs Veterinary Care

If your pet bunny rabbit is unwell or injured, you may notice one or more of the following symptoms:
  • Stops eating and pooping
  • Panting with their mouth open
  • Drooling. or Sneezing
  • Limping
  • Becomes very lethargic
  • Diarrhea

Contact us right away if you are concerned about the health of your fluffy-tailed friend.

When to Bring Your Bunny to the Vet for a Checkup

If you have a healthy adult bunny your vet may recommend bringing them in about once yearly for a full examination and wellness checkup.

In the case of the bunny being elderly or with existing health issues, the owner might need to bring them every 6 months, depending on the vet's suggestion.

If you notice any signs of illness in your bunny, don't wait for their annual checkup. Reach out to your vet to schedule a visit right away.

Do you need to prepare for your bunny's wellness exam?

If you notice any signs that your bunny rabbit is not feeling their best then you should 

Some appointments, such as diagnostic tests and surgery, will require a urine sample on the morning of the appointment. Everything you need to know or do on the day of your appointment should be discussed when booking your appointment. 

There are things you may need to bring with you to the appointment. To make sure your bunny is comfortable you will want to make sure you have their carrying crate, blanket/toys, and treats for being a good bunny and behaving well for the vet. You will also want to bring/write down any medications your bunny may be taking.

What procedures and vaccines do pet rabbits often need?

One of the things vets will usually check in rabbits is to make sure their teeth have not grown too long or are at risk for infection. The vet will check that your rabbit is at a healthy weight, as well as their breathing and heart rates, and their ears and eyes.

The initial checkup will set a standard for your rabbit's consistent health so the vet is familiar with their needs.

When you first get your bunny you need to know what vaccines your bunny is going to need throughout their lives to maintain its health. While no vaccines are mandatory to have a bunny, there are a few vaccines that vets may recommend to protect against myxomatosis, Rabbit (Viral) Hemorrhagic Disease (R(V)HD), and a strain of R(V)HD - R(V)HD2 - all of which are fatal. If you are unclear on the vaccine history of your bunny before they became part of your family talk to your vet so they can make suggestions on what to do in this case.

How Much Does a Vet Visit Cost for a Rabbit?

The cost of your bunny rabbit's visit will depend on a few different factors like the clinic and practitioner, your rabbit, and what they have done during their checkup. If cost is a concern, we do offer some financing options.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

Does your little cotton-tailed friend need a veterinary checkup? Contact our Southern Wisconsin vets today to book a wellness exam for your rabbit.

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