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Canine Boarding Form

We ask that clients bringing a dog to board at Badger Veterinary Hospital fill out the Canine Boarding Form using one of the options below.

Option 1

Complete Online

Complete and submit the online form below.

Option 2

Download PDF

Download and fill out the PDF form

Canine Boarding Form

Please fill out the Canine Boarding Form prior to arrival.


Required Vaccines for Dogs

Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella

Parasite Prevention

Flea & Tick Preventative


Emergency Charges

Cancelation Policy

Health Care Information

If, at any time during your pet’s stay, a medical concern arises that does not require immediate attention, you will be contacted and advised of the situation, and we will follow your instructions. In the event of an emergency situation or injury that requires IMMEDIATE medical attention, we will make every attempt to contact you and your emergency contacts for instruction. If we are unable to reach you or your emergency contacts, we will proceed with the minimum necessary, life-preserving treatment at your cost. If you would like us to go ahead with the full treatment recommended by the doctor, please specify below:
I understand that my pet will be treated for fleas/ticks at my expense if they are detected.

Play Groups

Play groups are offered throughout the day for dogs boarding with us. Playgroups are monitored at all times by a caretaker and are held at the boarding staff’s discretion. If a dog is not a good candidate for group play, they will be given one-on-one playtime and bathroom breaks with a caretaker each day. If your pet is over six months of age and not spayed or neutered, they will not be allowed to take part in playgroups. They will be given one-on-one playtime with a caretaker every day and private bathroom breaks until they are spayed or neutered.

Feeding Instructions

Medication Instructions

Routine medications are administered at no cost. Pet’s requiring insulin are charged an additional fee per day. Pet’s requiring special care (i.e., large quantities of medications, assistance from medical staff to administer medication, or medications at frequencies outside of the typical boarding schedule) may be charged an additional fee. Fees will be charged at the discretion of our staff. These fees will be discussed with you prior to payment. Please speak with boarding staff about pricing if you know your pet may require additional care during its stay.

Health Concerns

General Behavior & Training

Liability/Release Statement

New Patients Welcome

Badger Veterinary Hospital is accepting new patients. Our team is passionate about the health of animals from across Southern Wisconsin. Contact our closest location to book your first appointment today!

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