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Our Equine Veterinary Services

From preventive healthcare to dental, internal medicine, surgeries, integrative therapies and 24/7 on-call emergency services, the veterinarians at Badger Veterinary Hospital & Equine Services are here to provide the expert farm-call care your horse needs at our Janesville and Cambridge locations. 

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24/7 Emergencies

Contact us any time to be connected with an on-call vet to treat equine emergencies.

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Dental Care

Routine dental care is vital to your horse's health, performance and general well-being.

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Internal Medicine

Our veterinarians are able to diagnose and treat a range of internal conditions affecting horses. 

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Vaccinations & Prevention

Prevent many common conditions and illnesses with routine vaccinations and parasite preventives.

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Sports Medicine & Lameness

If you notice your horse's gait is off, this may be a sign they are in pain or discomfort and in need of treatment.

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Reproduction & Fertility

Our veterinarians can work with you to help make your equine breeding program as successful and safe as possible for your horse.

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Surgeries allow us to maintain or restore your horse's health with procedures like colic surgery and reproductive surgeries.

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  • Equine Emergency Care

    The team of vets at our equine services location provides horses with 24/7 emergency ambulatory services when they need it most. We are proud to be there for our clients and their horses from across Southern Wisconsin. (608) 754-1888 Steps To Take In An Emergency Is your horse experiencing a veterinary emergency? Try to fol...
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  • Equine Dentistry

    Badger Veterinary Hospital & Equine Services is committed to providing progressive dentistry for horses from Jefferson, Rock and Dane Counties. We believe regular dental care is a vital part of your horse’s overall health, comfort, performance, and longevity. Book An Appointment Dental Health for Hor...
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  • Equine Internal Medicine

    The veterinarians at our equine services location provide diagnosis and treatment for a wide variety of internal medicine conditions in horses from across Southern Wisconsin including tumors and bleeding disorders.  Book An Appointment Diagnosis & Treatment of Internal Condi...
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  • Equine Vaccinations & Prevention

    At Badger Veterinary Hospital & Equine Services, our veterinarians can help design a schedule of preventative vaccinations and routine healthcare to fit your horse’s lifestyle and risk factors.  Book An Appointment Protection & Prevention At Badger Veterinary Hospital & Equine Services,  we believe that prevention...
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  • Sports Medicine & Lameness

    If you notice that your horse's gait is off, it may be a sign that something is wrong. Our equine veterinarians are able to perform lameness evaluations in order to get to the bottom of issues affecting horses from across Jefferson, Dane and Rock Counties.   Book An Appointment La...
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  • Fertility & Equine Reproduction in Southern Wisconsin

    At Badger Veterinary Hospital & Equine Services, our equine veterinary team offers equine reproductive management services for your breeding program as well as hormone tracking to support artificial insemination.  Book An Appointment Equine Breeding Management Whether it's your first time breedin...
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  • Equine Surgery

    At Badger Veterinary Hospital & Equine Services, our team of equine veterinary staff offer a variety of surgeries including arthroscopy, laparoscopy, soft tissue, and reproductive surgery to horses from across Southern Wisconsin. Book An Appointment  Surgical Services for Horses The equine veteri...
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New Patients Welcome

Badger Veterinary Hospital & Equine Services is accepting new patients. Our team is passionate about the health of animals from across Southern Wisconsin. Contact our closest location to book your first appointment today!

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